09 Dec

How to doodle your individual gift wrapping


Christmas is just around the corner and the daunting search for the right gifts begins. Have you already bought all of the christmas gifts for your family and friends? Personally,  I am more of the last minute gift seeker. I just need some pressure to get out there and shop the right things.

But what I`ve already thought about  this year is how I will wrap my gifts. I want to give the packaging a personal touch and decided to design my own wrapping paper and matching gift tags with some of my doodles.


Maybe you will feel inspired as well and start doodling your own gift wrapping…..

How I created my own gift packaging:

First, I doodled some typical christmas items. This is only one page of my christmas doodles:


Then, I scanned them and coloured them with the help of the free image editing software GIMP.

Of course, you can also directly doodle on the paper you want to use as gift wrapping.

Next, I created some patterns with the doodle sketches in INKSCAPE and imported them into a WORD file.


Tadaaaa….. my own individual gift wrapping paper is ready. And the best thing about it is that I just need to print it and never ever have to worry again about  getting wrapping paper in the last minute.

I used the same doodle sketches to create some matching gift tags.

If you are already running out of time I have a gift for you as well – here are some free printables of the wrapping paper and the gift tags:

Wrapping paper christmas trees black / pink No.1

Wrapping paper christmas trees black / pink No. 2

Wrapping paper christmas trees mint

Wrapping paper christmas trees rose

Gift tags



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