07 Dec

About Doodling


Have you ever wanted to draw something but didn`t because you did not know what to start with? Have you ever felt frustrated because your drawings look nothing like reality? Do you sometimes feel that if you cannot draw something perfectly then you shouldn`t draw at all?

I often felt that way.

As a young girl I spent most of my time just drawing or painting things. I didn’t pay attention to perspective or composition or anything like that. I just liked the process of drawing. The results weren’t important to me.

Things changed back in school, when I wanted to draw portraits of my favourite singers and actors but failed miserably to do so because my portraits never looked exactly the way the original looked like. I wanted my drawings to look like reality but they never really did. I got frustrated and didn’t draw anything for many years.

Then I went to university and realized that I learned best when linking the information I had to learn with images. So I started to add little scribbles to my notes and created tons of mind maps consisting of short text passages and scribbles.

After graduating from university I found myself still scribbling and doodling at any occasion. But now it was not because doodling helped me remembering things. Now it was of pure joy.

What is doodling?

The process of doodling is a very spontaneous one. It is not about drawing something as realistically as possible. It is about capturing the essential characteristic of the object or person you would like to draw. This can be a certain shape, a certain pattern or a certain colour. If you want to draw, for example, a flamingo, think about what characteristics make you recognize a flamingo as a flamingo and then just draw!


There is no right or wrong. Doodling is about how you perceive the world around you and, foremost, it`s about having fun being creative.

Doodling does not require any special artistic skills or techniques. However, the more you doodle or draw the better you will get at capturing the essential characteristic of an object and putting it down to paper.

Of course, some basic knowledge about perspective and composition will be helpful as well, especially if you would like to doodle whole sceneries. But that`s all learning by doing.

What supplies do I need for doodling?

That`s the good thing about doodling. You just need any kind of pen and something you can doodle on. This can be a piece of paper but also a napkin or anything else you can draw on. Of course you can also doodle digitally. There are lots of apps out there, like for example Brushes or Paper by FiftyThree which make it easy to doodle on the go.

How to start?

Just grab a pen and a piece of paper and start doodling the things that come to your mind or that are right in front of you.

Always keep in mind: no need to be perfect! Just enjoy your creativity!

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